Traveling on a rental van is now easier

We have news to tell you about our rental van Puzzle Campers. And it is that, to our northern base, in Asturias, and to our southern base, in Cadiz, we add a new base in Madrid. In this way, the north, south and center of the Peninsula are covered. Reaching new places on rental van will be much easier.

From now on you can book your Puzzle Campers and pick it up at Barajas Airport. At the terminal of your choice! In addition, if you prefer you can also pick up your rental van at the Chamartín or Atocha stations. The one that best suits your needs! Getting to any of these points is very easy so starting your van trip will be even easier.

With this new base in Madrid, located in the center of the Peninsula opens a new range of places to travel in rental van. Now traveling in a van to places like Albarracín or touring the valley of the Jerte in van is even easier.

What are you waiting to make the reservation and collect your rental van in the center of the Peninsula? Choose the van that best suits your needs, the date and place of pick up and delivery of your van and fit your vacation with Puzzle Campers.

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