6 Aug 2016

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    Puzzle Camper is, above all, freedom

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    Choose where you want your bed

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    Maximun functionality

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    Choose the equipment you will need

Puzzle Campers... what?

Puzzle Camper is, above all, freedom.

Because we offer you the opportunity to enjoy the best holiday freely, at the best price. Choose one of the Puzzle Campers available (from the S, the smallest, to the huge XL), choose your extras (bike, GPS, snow chains ….), select how many miles you want to drive and … plan your trip! And as standard on all Camper Puzzle, we have included fridge, water tank (50 liters), sink, kitchenette, outdoor shower, table and chairs … And all this, of course, in a comfortable vehicle, equipped with the ultimate technology and efficient engines that will take you as far as you want. Can you imagine a better way to enjoy your holidays?

Travel with your bed...

Because this is your bed.

Can you imagine waking up in the most beautiful beach in the world? How about a sunset in the mountains? Have you ever dreamed of surfing just before breakfast? Have you ever wondered why your bed is so far from the things you really like to enjoy? Those who love outdoor living know what does traveling with a Campervan mean. So with Puzzle Campers, you decide where you want to place your bed. Simply keep all due respect to the environment to sleep in your comfortable Puzzle Camper. If you choose your holidays, why don’t you choose your bed?





Fit in your holidays!

Space for everything ...

We know how important space to enjoy a great holiday. Keeping this important thing in mind, and based on the ultimate vehicles, we have developed a fantastic idea to transform your holidays an unforgettable experience.In Puzzle Campers there is space for everything. And there’s a Puzzle Camper for everyone.

Forget those difficult-to-drive motorhomes … Puzzle Campers offers maximum functionality and also allows you to get where you want without any problem. Do yo want to reach the city center? Ok, go on. A remote beach? See you there. Any mountain track? Come in. Drive across Spain? Do not forget your camera!

Your Camper, your choice

No more ties. It's up to you.

Would you pay for something you won’t use? Neither do we! Puzzle Campers has the best Campervans on the market with a comprehensive standard equipment to make your holiday an unforgettable experience.But, as we want to offer the best price, we won’t charge you for those things you won’t use. Choose the insurance you prefer, pay only for the miles you’re going to drive (you have included, as a courtesy, 1000 km. – 621 miles) and, above all, select only the extra equipment you are really going to use. We also have lots of accessories to complete your journey. Ask us and start enjoying your Campervan. No hassle. No strings attached. You decide in your Campervan.

a new way to enjoy your spare time

Fully freedom and the posibility of customize your Camper van. Also whith the better prices of the market. Because enjoy your holidays in a Puzzle Campers is affordable for everyone.