Spain is the perfect country to travel by rental van. The variety of its landscapes, its corners, its charming villages … is the perfect place to meet in rental van! Before starting the trip, what should be taken into account to traveling by van in Spain aboard of your Puzzle Campers?

When is the best time to travel in Spain?

Thanks to the weather, any time is good for traveling in Spain. If in summer you do not want to spend a lot of heat, the perfect option is to cross the North in water. On the other hand, autumn can be a good time to pick up the van in our Madrid base. One option is to visit the Jerte Valley or visit places like Puebla de Sanabria. On the other hand, because of its mild temperatures, in winter you can pick up the girdle in Cadiz to traveling by van in Spain traveling south. You have as many options as you can imagine.

And the displacements?

Depending on the destination of the route, you must choose on which base you will pick the route: Asturias, Cádiz or Madrid. It is the best way to save a lot of miles. Luckily, Spain has good roads that are very comfortable for traveling by rental van. So travel will be no problem. If you do not have a lot of time, you can always travel by freeway to your destination. If you want to travel in Spain for the most tranquil way you can go by secondary roads, are the perfect option to reach all corners.

Where to sleep?

It is important to know that in Spain it is not allowed to sleep freely. Luckily, if you are going to travel in Spain, you should know that more and more municipalities have areas that are qualified for it. So the best thing is that before traveling in van for Spain is to organize the places that go to sleep.

Traveling in Spain through Spain with Puzzle Campers is now even easier thanks to the three bases that it puts at your disposal to fit your vacations where and when you prefer.

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