The end of summer does not mean that holidays or camper rides are running out. To end the summer only implies that a new season begins that you can enjoy traveling in a van. If you know how to take advantage of it, autumn can be a great time to travel in a rental van. Some of the advantages offered by this station to travel is that the sites are quieter, there are much less people and the nature offers some colors that are worth to enjoy them. Do not forget that prices are usually much more affordable! There are many advantages of camper travel in the fall. So if you are clear that you want to travel with Puzzle Campers but still not clear where to go, no problem! We have selected some places within the Spanish geography for which it is worth traveling in camper in autumn.

Before starting the trip

Well because you are lovers of nature, well because you feel like enjoying a different vacation. If you have already decided that you are going to travel in camper in autumn, now it is time to decide the van. Depending on whether you are traveling as a couple, alone or with friends, you will need a van or another. When you put the preparations for the trip you should keep in mind that in autumn the weather can be a bit changeable. Depending on where you are, it may be hot during the day and refresh at night. So it’s all right to include warm clothing in your luggage: a thin sweater, a sweatshirt … If you are brave you can also include a bathing suit, you never know when you can take a dip! Also do not forget to include some extra blanket for bedtime. It’s better than not missing.


Muniellos is famous for being the largest oak tree in Spain and one of the best preserved in Europe. It is located in the western part of the Principality of Asturias, between the councils of Ibias and Cangas del Narcea. Muniellos is a Nature Reserve and access is restricted to only 20 people per day. So you must request access to the park because otherwise you will be unable to access it. It only offers two itineraries to travel, one shorter than 16 kilometers and one for advanced walkers 20 kilometers. The choice is up to you! Since you are in the western part of Asturias you can take advantage to travel the area with your rental van. Another perfect place to know if you are going to travel in camper in autumn in the area is the Beech Monastery of Hermo, one of the most extensive of the Peninsula.

Selva de Irati

To the north of Navarra, between the towns of Ochagavía and Orbaiceta, is the Selva de Irati, the second largest and best preserved beech forest in Europe. It is only an hour from Pamplona formed by four valleys, each one more beautiful. It is a very recommendable place if you are going to travel in camper in autumn. Since the forest itself as all the surrounding villages are worthy of tale. Near the forest you have localities as well known as Saint Jean Pied de Port or Roncesvalles, where the Camino de Santiago begins. So you can also come here if your intention is to do the Camino de Santiago on camper. It is a very rich area, with many beautiful villages and places to visit.

 Faedo de Ciñera

Another option to travel in camper in autumn is Faedo de Ciñera. It is very close to our northern base, in the province of Leon. It is a hundred-year-old beech forest in a perfect state of preservation. The total route totals 11 kilometers that run through the same path that the miners went to reach the mines of Ciñera de Gordón. Although if you prefer to take a look, traveling only two kilometers you reach the beech. This way you will be able to cross León in rent van. The capital is 40 kilometers from here and its cathedral is a must. To rest, you can move to Boñar. In this locality there is an area qualified for campervan. Do not leave the province of León without trying the famous cooked maragato!

 Ruta de los Pueblos Blancos

If our northern base is far away, you can always pick up the van at our southern base and walk the Ruta de los Pueblos Blancos. A beautiful route that begins in Arcos de la Frontera, just 65 kilometers from Cadiz. This route of approximately 115 kilometers runs through several villages in the Sierra de Cádiz. The common factor is the unblemished white of the houses that compose these beautiful villages. Traveling in camper in autumn in this area is a good idea, since in summer it is usually too crowded. Of course, do not be fooled by the temperatures, although it is the south of Spain, the towns are in the sierra to some altitude. So it is more than likely to refresh during the night.

 Ordesa y Monte perdido

This national park is perfect if you are mountain lovers. It is composed of four valleys that extend around Monte Perdido, the highest calcareous mass in Europe. The beauty of the landscape is spectacular. You will have to travel to Huesca if you want to enjoy the surroundings. Of course, the height is considerable so it is very important that you wear adequate clothes and coat and more if your intention is to go hiking in the area. There are many routes that you can travel in the area that will be full of mountaineers with much desire to enjoy the mountain. In the area you will find small mountain villages such as Bielsa, whose center was declared a picturesque spot. So, why not enjoy a walk around this locality?

Valle de Arán

In the area of ​​the Pyrenees of Huesca is the Valley of Aran, a beautiful area perfect to enjoy a trip in camper in autumn. Around it are located many mountain villages with a lot of charm. Of course, they are people that are at high altitude so you can not forget to bring warm clothes in your luggage. This area is perfect for mountain sports such as hiking, climbing and, of course, skiing. The famous Baqueira Beret ski resort is located here. It is the perfect destination if you are lovers of nature and the mountain, since you can take advantage to practice your favorite sports. Although you can also take advantage to visit towns such as Viella, capital of the Aran Valley region.

 Lagunas de Gallocanta

On the border between Zaragoza and Teruel are the natural reserve of the Lagunas de Gallocanta, the largest lagoon of Aragon and one of the largest in Spain. The curiosity is that the water is salty, and in the driest periods the salt becomes visible depositing in the coast. If you are nature lovers it is a perfect place for you. This lagoon is a place of passage for birds during migrations of birds. But if you know the lagoons you can take advantage of the rental camper trip to visit Albarracín, a beautiful town of Teruel that is located 100 kilometers from the lagoons. This small town has a beautiful old town and if you are in the area you must visit it. You will not regret it!

Fageda d’en Jordà

In Girona, in the area of ​​the Garrotxa is this beautiful beech. The peculiarity of this nature reserve is that the beech forest grows on a volcanic terrain. In the Natural Park of the Garrocha there are three important volcanoes: Croscat, Santa Margarita and Roca Negra. It is a relatively flat terrain, which makes it very easy to transit. It is well worth doing to travel in camper in autumn or at any time of the year, since you will enjoy a unique environment with its own film landscapes. It is the perfect place for hiking and enjoying a slightly different holiday in rental van. You can not leave the area without trying the famous Olot potatoes.


Any time is good for traveling in a van. If the summer holidays you have known little or not even have been able to enjoy them. A good way to put a solution is to take advantage of the autumn to travel in camper for rent. You simply have to take into account some aspects like the temperature or the hours of light and try to solve them by adapting to the conditions. Winter coats, cool clothes in summer and a little of everything in spring and autumn. If you have decided to make an autumn break in van. Spain offers you plenty of perfect places to travel in camper in autumn. These are only some of them! Remember that the limit is yours. The freedom of traveling on campers and taking advantage of bridges or holidays is one of the best things that traveling has to do. So, why not take advantage of it?

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