Traveling with children by  camper, a great experience

Traveling with children by camper is a fun and different way to travel. Have fun while they know new places and people! Traveling in one of our Puzzle Campers is a great experience that kids in the house should live at least once in their life. You will see how after the first trip it does not take long to ask to do tourism in camper again! Traveling in this way will learn to live with many less things. But above all, they will enjoy the vacation in a different way. The sooner you inculcate this way of life before you start to enjoy the freedom that provides travel camper.

All our vans include basic equipment so that you can live in the camper. But if you want to make your trip even more comfortable you have a series of extras at your disposal. You will not have to worry about anything! Just to enjoy with the kids of the house the experience of traveling in camper.

Benefits of traveling with children in camper

Traveling in camper, rather than a form of tourism, is a way of life. For kids of the house traveling in camper is like a game. An adventure that will enjoy a lot that also brings benefits.

– Traveling in a van gives you a freedom that you will not enjoy in any other way. What do you like a site? Then you stop. What do not you like? Nothing happens, pick up, you’re headed to another place and ready. The rules you put them. Also you can always change the route on the fly if you change your mind.

– It is the best way to live an outdoor vacation and enjoy the environment. Whether you opt for camping or overnight stay, children (and you) can enjoy the environment at all times. In addition traveling in camper is easier to enjoy outdoor activities like the hiking. How many times have you thought about getting up early and throwing yourself soon on a mountain route?

– They know places and new people. When traveling by van you can stop where and when you like or need. It is very easy to go through several sites in one go. Thus, in each trip the children will know several places and, of course, they will learn a lot of things. Meeting people in a campsite is very easy, and more for them! Surely on the return of the holidays they will have made a lot of friends.

– If you involve them in the daily tasks of the camper will learn to be much more responsible and independent. Since the space inside a van is limited, they will learn that to live, few things are needed. They will also begin to look after their personal belongings and have everything in order on the van. Take only the essentials, it can be a bit overwhelming to have the van full of junk …

– Is there anything better than traveling as a family? You will spend several days living in the camper, sharing in family a lot of moments. When it rains it will be a good time to stay on the van playing any board game or watching some movie on the portable DVD.

Activities to enjoy with children on vacation

You are already clear that your plan for the holidays is going to be camper with children but you are still not clear what activities you feel like doing. Needless to say, you have as many activities for children as you can imagine.

You can take advantage of the holidays in camper to enjoy with the kids outdoors. The easiest way for children to enjoy is hiking. An activity that you can practice almost anywhere. You will have enough routes to travel. For children to enjoy the adventure, you only have to take into account the difficulty level of the route before you start and … walk! It is an activity that does not require just material so it is very easy to put clothes and comfortable footwear on the van. You will not need extra space! Although if you want to practice sports more intensely you can practice cycling and cycling some routes. Usually, the ‘Vias Verdes‘ usually have good conditions to travel by bike. In addition, in some, like the Trail of the Bear, they rent bikes so you do not even have to worry about loading them in the van. I

In case your destination is the coast you can take advantage of for children to practice water sports. Canoeing, sailing, paddle surfing can be some activities. And you do not necessarily have to travel to the coast, many active tourism companies are found in rivers and swamps. Let the children enjoy the summer by practicing different sports! They are activities that you can enjoy with your family.

There are also companies specialized in children’s leisure. One of them is Kirikú, an online platform for children’s leisure reserves that is responsible for collecting different activities such as workshops, inflatable animation … But not only that, also decoration, invitations, piñatas, pies … It is a very simple and practical way of Know the best plans of the place that you are visiting at the moment. To book you only need to have internet connection. Take a look at it if you are going to travel, the kids will have fun and you will enjoy relaxing moments while they have fun with your favorite activities.

Normally in campsites, especially in high season, they have a specific program for children. Workshops, workshops, animation … surely they find an activity they like. Let them enjoy! They will have a great time while interacting with other children. They will make friends and they will soon ask you to return to travel by camper.

We can not forget museums, practically in any city you will find some museum to visit with children. They will have fun while learning. In Asturias the MUJA and the Aquarium of Gijón are some of the ones that the small ones enjoy the most. Take a look on the internet that surely there are many more.There are many activities that children can do when they are on vacation. There are more and more cities that have activities especially oriented to children so when planning your trip do not forget to take a look online to check if there is any activity that may interest your children.

To consider

If you are going to travel with children in camper you have to keep in mind that you will spend long hours on the road. That is why it is very important that you put in the van some toy or entertainment so that the trip does not become so long. If you are lucky that you have a portable DVD for the car, do not hesitate! If not, for not much money you can do with one. You will thank him. Do not forget to have a snack if you are hungry during the trip.

So that the children do not have the sensation of having spent all the vacations rolling on the camper, what you can do is to intercalate days of route with days of rest in a camping. In this way you will enjoy the swimming pool, the playground or children’s activities that the campsite has. This way the trip in camper will not become so heavy. Do not forget that they are children … Another thing to keep in mind is food, perhaps your plan is to travel abroad and maybe in supermarkets in other countries do not have their favorite drink, their favorite food or just do not like the food of the place that you visit. So it is advisable to take some reservations from the point of departure and you will be introducing throughout the trip the gastronomy of the place. In the end they will enjoy it as much as you!

To keep the long days of tourism without any problem is important the rest. Make sure they sleep well and are rested. They will be in a better mood and the excursions will be much more enjoyable for everyone. You will enjoy all the plans you have prepared! Try that at all times your children feel part of the trip. Involve them in the daily tasks of the van. They will love to feel important and part of the adventure. This way they will learn to perform small tasks and will be a little more independent.


Do not be afraid to travel in camper with children. To introduce them to the camper world you can start with short trips and then extend the routes further. We are sure that you will enjoy more of each trip on camper. But do not forget that they are children and surely there will be moments of tension and some other tantrum … It is important that you plan the route thinking about them. You can make stops every little bit and include in each trip fun activities, which they like best! It is imperative that, when you pack, include your favorite toy, movies and music. You will see how they enjoy the trip much more than you and immediately ask for another trip in van. What are you waiting for to start organizing the route? You still have time to enjoy the summer aboard Puzzle Campers.



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