Make the most of your holiday in van

Living a vacation through Puzzle Campers can be one of the great experiences of your lives. There are many reasons why, more and more people choose this type of tourism. Traveling by van or motorhome will allow us to know wide beaches and high mountains. Also to know beautiful cities that will seduce you with each one of its corners.

More than a way of traveling, camper is a way of life. It will allow you to get closer to the culture of the place you visit. Thoroughly knowing its gastronomy and customs. In addition you can always take advantage of the space of the van to keep the equipment of your favorite sport, such as surfing or cycling. So you do not get rid of the sport or during the holidays!

Traveling as a family in a camper will allow you to share many unique moments that you will remember forever. It is a very enriching travel option for your children or grandchildren and you will enjoy it almost as them. If you have a pet you can always let them accompany you so that you never separate from your friend.

Preparing the trip

Surely many of you have already traveled in camper. Sometimes traveling with the house on its back can be a bit uncomfortable. Because you may not be accustomed or have not organized your trip well. Do not forget that the space inside a van is limited and carrying many things, sometimes it can make you feel a bit canned. We have selected some points that you should take into account before starting your camper rental trip.

May the food not ruin your vacation

Traveling by camper can be an economic way to enjoy the holiday thanks to, among other things, that comes fully equipped so you can prepare your favorite recipes. In addition, traveling in camper you will have the possibility to eat in multitude of corners that will delight you with incredible views.

With your van you can afford the luxury of having breakfast, lunch or dinner wherever and whenever you want! Without having to wait when you get the appetite as you can stop practically anywhere. We love the idea of ​​going to any supermarket, picking up what we like best and being able to stop to eat in, practically, wherever we want. In addition, by visiting supermarkets abroad you can get closer to the culture and gastronomy of the country you are visiting. How are we going to visit France without going through any of its ‘Intermarché‘? Or return from Portugal without having visited any Jumbo?

Being able to cook on the van is a lot of advantages because if you do not like the gastronomy of the place you are visiting you can always fill your camper with provisions and undertake your adventure with the assurance that you will like the food.

Not without my pet!

It is important that you don’t let your dog spend long periods in the van when the outside is hot. They are very sensitive to heat stroke and you can take a fright. Also, remember that our animal must always have fresh water.

As you well know, during road trips and, in order to guarantee your safety and that of your friend, you must check that you are traveling with some of the systems that allow our pets to travel by car. You have several options like the carrier, cage or belt strap, will depend on the size of both the vehicle and the pet. It is very important that you comply with the traffic regulations because in case of an accident you will all benefit.

If you are traveling abroad with a pet you should not forget to take your European animal passport with your animal, in this way you avoid any problems with the authorities of the country in question. Also do not forget to check which are the obligatory vaccinations of the country that visits, since in some places they can vary.

Clean clothes? Yes please

Unfortunately, campers don’t have washing machine and the space is reduced, so we can only carry the necessary clothes. So, if your trip in camper is going to extend for several days sure that at some point you will need to wash your clothes. It may seem silly but it will help you to be more comfortable during your holidays. But, what options do you have to wash clothes in the middle of your excursion in camper?

The first and easiest and easiest option is to wash by hand, like all life! Who has not gone camping and has not had to wash their socks or underwear by hand? It seems to us the perfect method for small garments. So, do not forget to put the well-known ‘jabón Lagarto‘ when preparing your camper trip.

Another solution we propose to wash your clothes is to take it to a laundry or to any washing center. You will find them in any corner, in Europe it will not be difficult to find them. It is a very practical and relatively inexpensive solution, also you will have the option of picking dry clothes. You can not ask for more!

Finally for expert campers or for those who do not want to depend on anything or anyone: portable washing machines. Some need electricity for while others work thanks to a crank or pedal. It is a good option if you often enjoy holidays in your camper but it is not so much if the camper is for rent. As you can see there are several options available to make the laundry but for us the most comfortable option is the laundry or specialized laundry center.

Destination: towards happiness!

Without a doubt, one of the fundamental parts of any trip is destination. Well it is true that if your holidays are going to be with a camper rental the route is important. Therefore, it is basic to set a destination to try to reach it and organize the route around that.

If you want to travel in summer, it is best to avoid crowded areas. In the case of Spain, France and Italy, the Mediterranean coast is often collapsed with all types of tourists. For this reason, the true travelers who want to move in summer tend to opt for quieter areas. Among them are the interior, the mountain areas or even the cities. At this time of year, large capitals tend to be more empty because their inhabitants are in other areas. Some ideas of cities to visit in summer can be Madrid, Paris or any of the big cities of Germany. All of them are usually quieter because the locals look for sun and beach in other latitudes. And, with the Puzzle Camper, it is easy to enter the cities and park in almost any public parking.

If, on the other hand, you can travel in spring, autumn or even winter, it is the ideal time. You can take your rental motorhome and take the coast as a destination! In these times, the beaches are usually deserted and the coastal towns maintain all their charm without agglomerations. But, above all, the pace of life is calm and peaceful. And this is essential for those who want to travel by van!

Take care of your health, also when traveling

That health is the most important thing in life is something that we all have clear. But, many times, we forget to travel. When we go on a camper trip we must protect ourselves equally, especially if we are abroad. There, after all, the environment is not the one we’re used to.

Extreme precautions when driving a motorhome is vital. Rest every two hours, hydrating properly and not drinking alcohol or drugs at the wheel will save us many dislikes. And, in the case of traveling through Europe with a camper, we can even end up behind bars. And no kidding! If we go to the beach, it goes without saying that protecting oneself from the sun is basic. And not only because it will allow us to have a more radiant and youthful skin … It will also avoid the discomfort of a burn that can ruin our vacation in the camper.

To avoid problems and to be covered in the case of any type of indisposition, it can be very interesting to have travel insurance. These from Europ Assistance, for example, will protect us against most cases. Also, if you are Spanish, do not forget that you will have to apply for the European health insurance card. Always carry it on and you will have assistance for the entire European Union at no additional cost.

And as a conclusion …

Planning a trip aboard a camper can be a great experience if before embarking on your trip you are wary of certain issues such as health or pets. Going prepared will allow you to enjoy the holidays minimizing the risk of being spoiled for reasons that are treated in time, have a solution. We encourage you to start preparing your route as a couple, friends or family and start enjoying the adventure of traveling by van.

Do not let bad planning ruin your holiday in camper!

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