For lovers of rural tourism and the mountain, the Picos de Europa are one of the best destinations to travel in rent or carriage rides. Located between Cantabria, Asturias and Leon are the perfect combination between spectacular landscapes and small towns that give off charm in all corners. So it is the perfect destination to tour in rental camper in Asturias. Or just make a weekend visit to get to know this spectacular region and enjoy its natural surroundings. Why not take advantage to tour the Picos de Europa in the van? What are you waiting for to rent your Puzzle Campers and enjoy the experience of touring the Picos de Europa on wheels?

To consider

Before starting to plan your getaway by the Picos de Europa by van it is convenient to organize the route. What you want to visit, what activities you want to do and how much time you will dedicate to each thing. In this way, if you go with a little time you can visit what you are interested in. Autumn can be a good time to visit the Picos de Europa region. Of course, do not forget that most of the towns are at an altitude. It’s all right that you put some blanket to shelter at night. So it is imperative to wear warm clothing. This can not be missing if, in addition, you are going to realize some route. Nor can you lack in your luggage a good route map of the Picos de Europa. Especially if you do not know the area too much. Ah! Do not forget to tell family and friends if you are going to make a route.

Cangas de Onis

Cangas de Onís is one of the gateways to the Picos de Europa National Park. You can not travel the Picos de Europa by van without visiting Cangas, one of the most touristic towns of the Principality. In this beautiful locality you can park the van in the parking lot next to the bus station and take a walk in the streets. You will find a lot of shops with typical food of the area so it can be a good time to fill the pantry of the van. In the parking lot there are places reserved for motorhomes so you can spend the night there. If you visit Cangas de Onís on Sunday, do not forget to stroll through the weekly market where you will find a great variety of typical cheeses in the area. You can not leave here without visiting the famous Roman Bridge located above the river Sella, it’s time to take the camera!

Lagos de Covadonga

A visit to the lakes of Covadonga if you are going to cross the Picos de Europa by van is a must. Of course, keep in mind that in high season you can only access the lakes by bus. So it’s all right to check before you go. On the way to the lakes, you can make a stop in the Sanctuary of Covadonga. This temple is excavated in a cave in which Santina is located and the enclave is spectacular. It deserves a brief visit before continuing to the lakes. At 1.000 meters of altitude the lakes Enol, Ercina and Bricial await you. If you are lucky and have a good day, you will enjoy a spectacular view. Do not forget to wear warm clothing, you will miss it if you do not wear it since the altitude is considerable. You can take advantage of the visit to make some route. Warm clothing, comfortable shoes and a good map are essential.


To visit Bulnes you must leave your rental camper as it has no access road. There are only two ways to access the small town. Trekked from Poncebos by a path carved in the rock. In winter it is hidden under the snow but it is an entertaining and not very difficult to travel route. Another way to get there is by the famous funicular. In a few minutes you will be taken to the only town of Asturias that can not be reached by road. Bulnes is worth a visit, in this locality where time seems to have stopped, there is calm and tranquility. You will find a number of beautiful Asturian houses. But with just a dozen neighbors you will not miss a place to eat a good fabada and accommodation where to spend the night. Take advantage of the day to rest and relax in a unique environment before continuing the tour of the Picos de Europa by van.

 Naranjo de Bulnes

Also known as Picu Urriellu, it is one of the most famous routes for lovers of climbing. If it is your case and you are going to visit the Picos de Europa by van, you will be delighted to be able to access one of the world’s mountaineering temples. In Puzzle Campers M you will have plenty of space to keep all your climbing equipment. And is that, the only way to reach the top of the Urriellu is by climbing. Although you can always make a route to get to the base and spend the night in the shelter. But you must keep in mind that not too simple so you must wear appropriate clothing and footwear. Do not forget to study the route well before you start and notify your relatives. Contemplating the Urriellu even from its base is a unique experience.

Route of the Cares

If you are not experts in the mountain but you want to enjoy a nice route during your trip through the Picos de Europa by van you can travel the route of the Cares. A spectacular route through a gorge that follows the Cares River. You only need proper footwear and clothes and … want to walk! The complete route is no less than 12 kilometers until you reach the town of Cain,

in Leon. Although if you do not want to walk so much or do not have a lot of time you can always do only one section. To travel this route you can go with your van to Poncebos Bridge to leave the camper in the parking lots you will find and start walking there. On the way back you can recover your strength and enjoy a good cachopo in the Restaurant Urogallo. At the end of the day you will have enjoyed a unique environment, it is worth traveling many kilometers to enjoy the scenery!


To continue the tour of the Picos de Europa by van you can go to Potes, already in the province of Cantabria. Arriving here from Arenas de Cabrales will take you just over an hour. Potes is a town with a lot of charm. Although it is the largest locality in the area, its size is small so we recommend that you park the van and take a walk through the center touring its streets and corners of another era. In Potes you can enjoy the typical stew of the area, the cooked lebaniego. Of course, you better get hungry at the table because it is a hard plate. Before returning to the route and to lower the food, you can visit the Torre del Infantado. One of the most important buildings in the area of ​​Liébana. Of course, you must visit also the nice medieval bridge that is in the center of Potes.

Fuente Dé

Traveling 22 kilometers along the CA-185 road with your rental camper you will arrive at the small town of Fuente Dé, already inside the National Park of the Picos de Europa. Here is the well-known cable car of Fuente Dé that rises to more than 1800 meters of height in a route of almost two kilometers of ascent. It is an activity not suitable for people with vertigo. Although if you have an opportunity in your trip by the Picos de Europa by van, it is worth getting on the cable car. It arrives at the viewpoint of the Cable from where you can appreciate incredible views in good weather. The lookout point is the starting point of many high mountain hiking routes, such as the route of the Ports of Aliva. Along the route you can enjoy the landscape of high mountains and the forests of beeches and oaks that are in the final section of the route.


Asturias offers a lot of corners that are worth visiting in a van and for showing a button. Without a doubt, touring the Picos de Europa on a van is something that should be on the to-do list of any traveler. Enjoy incredible scenery and taste even better gastronomy is possible if you travel in camper for rent in the area. Traveling in a van allows you to be in touch with nature at all times. It is a way of traveling that allows you to disconnect and appreciate the tranquility of the small towns that you will find along the whole journey. Practicing your favorite sport such as climbing or hiking and breathing the pure air of the Picos de Europa will help you recharge batteries to resume the routine with more force. Do not forget to enjoy every kilometer and every corner, are almost more important than the destination.

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