Any time is good to enjoy a route in rental van. Why leave our van parked in autumn and winter when we can take advantage to discover new places? Although the temperatures do not go well as in summer, it is a good time to catch the van and take to the road. There is less crowding, parking will be much easier and the atmosphere, in general, is much quieter. There are some advantages of traveling in autumn and winter. To make the trip even more comfortable you will simply have to follow some recommendations that will help you fight the cold in the van. So if this summer you’ve been wanting to make a getaway, why not take advantage of these months to make a route? You just need to be well prepared to be able to fight the cold when traveling in a van. Start organizing your trip and enjoy a trip aboard your Puzzle Campers!

Before starting the trip

The cold can not be an inconvenience to be able to enjoy a rental van escapement. You only need to be prepared to fight the cold in the van and be able to travel in the cold seasons of the year.

  • Choice of destination, do not let the cold prevent you from enjoying a van getaway in autumn or winter. Also if you travel in winter but want to escape to the maximum of the cold you can travel through the south of Spain, there the temperatures are much milder in winter.
  • Where to park the van, is not worth anywhere, you must choose the right place to protect yourself from the cold.
  • Window blinds for the van, included in all our furgos and, although, its main objective is to isolate the camper of the light, also they help to face the cold.
  • Warm clothes and bedding, do not lack in your luggage a warm pajamas, if you fall short you can always resort to thermal clothing. Also do not forget a good blanket or duvet, they are essential!

Where to travel on a van when it’s cold?

Needless to say, the choice of destination will influence the temperature. If your objective is to spend the minimum cold possible you can travel through the south of Spain (and pick up the van at our southern base), where temperatures in the cold seasons are much milder. But do not let the low temperatures prevent you from enjoying a rental van getaway wherever you choose. The north can also be a good choice. Of course, you must be well prepared to fight the cold in the van. Before you go enroute, check the condition of the van: how the tires are, the oil levels, fill the tank … if traveling in a rental van you will not have to worry about this. Before we give you the van we will check that everything is correct. Do not forget to add as extra, the chains and follow the tips for driving in winter. Of course, it fills up with provisions, you never know!

Where do I park?

Depending on where you park the van, you will fight more or less cold. The campsites are usually located in much more sheltered places so it can be a good way to combat the cold. Check that there are open campsites on your route, being low season many remain closed. Instead, if your intention is to sleep in places suitable for it, try to choose places that are as safe as possible to fight the cold in the van. Avoid high places that are not protected by any barriers. You’ll be colder on the van! You can shelter behind trees or if you go to sleep in a parking for campers you can park the van along with others. It is a good way to protect yourself from the wind. Ah! And if you orient your van to the east, the first rays of sun will heat the van. You’ll thank him for standing up!

Window blinds, curtains … it’s all right!

Although the darkens are designed to fight the light and not the cold. These will be a little help that will help you fight the cold in the van. Luckily for you, they are included in the rental price of your Puzzle Campers. Anything goes to combat the low temperatures inside the van. If you have your own van and you still do not have them … you’re slow to get some!

They are the best way to fight the light and they will help you to fight the cold. You can buy them already made or acquire a kit to elaborate them and that they are perfect in your van. A trick to combat the low temperatures if you are very frioleros is to carry a bag of hot water. You can warm the water in the portable kitchen and put it in bed when you go to sleep.

Warm clothing

Travel in the time you travel, it is important that you wear the right clothes. He travels lightly in summer and wears warm clothes in winter. A good coat and footwear is essential to fight the cold in the van. You can not miss in your luggage the most warm pajamas you have. Ah! Do not forget the socks. It is a joy to keep your feet warm at night. If your pajamas are short, you can always resort to thermal clothing. It is usually very comfortable and will protect you even more from the cold. It occupies very little so you can always carry it just in case. Another trick so that when getting up you do not get cold when you have to dress is to put the clothes that you can the next day in bed. So when you put it will be warm. It may seem silly but we assure you that in the morning you will thank him.


To fight the cold in the van is also essential to wear bedding that shelters you at night and combat the cold. In case you travel aboard one of our Puzzle Campers you can add the bed linen as extra, so you will not have to carry it or worry about anything. We will provide you with everything you need to shelter and not get cold at night. In case in case you travel on your own van, we recommend you do some winter sheets. They are very pleasant on cold nights because when you get into bed you will not notice frost. It is a small investment that deserves very much. Of course, do not miss a good comforter to combat the freezing temperatures that will fall considerably at night. Grandmothers already say it, it is better than missing.

And for eat?

By pulling on grandmother’s remedies, what’s the best way to get warm? Have a soup! It is an effective and simple way to combat the cold in the van. Remember that our furgos have the basic equipment so you can live in them. This includes a kitchenette and fridge. Although it is possible that if you travel in winter, you do not need a fridge. So if you are traveling in a rental van in the coldest months of the year do not forget to include all the long list of ingredients and utensils you need to prepare a rich soup in the van: saucepan and envelopes to prepare the soup. Taking advantage of the portable kitchen of the van, you can prepare a coffee or tea so you can fight the cold just rise. Do not forget to put everything you need on the van before you start the trip. Dawn in the place that you choose and enjoy a delicious coffee on a cold winter morning is priceless.

What else should I keep in mind to combat the cold on the van?

One thing to keep in mind if you are going to travel on a van in winter months is that the days are much shorter. So either way you’ll spend enough time inside the van. You will have to include some entertainment in your luggage, especially if you are traveling with children. Board games, stories, coloring pens to color … anything that does not occupy too much comes well to hang out inside the van and enjoy spending time with family.


Winter is a good time to enjoy a van getaway. Do not let the low temperatures prevent you from enjoying your trips in rental van. If you are a mountain lover you are sure to enjoy traveling at this time of year. In addition you can take advantage of the space to take the equipment to enjoy your favorite sport: skis, rackets for crossings … To fight the cold in the van you will only have to travel a little more equipped. Do not forget to pack specific winter linens, a good duvet, and appropriate linens. Of course, you can not miss food to help you warm up: soups, prepared food cans … it’s a matter of taking a bit of imagination. Sure this fall and winter do not stay with the desire and take advantage to make a short break in your rental van, which destination do you choose?



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