Still you don not know Asturias?

We like Asturias so much that it is very difficult to select only three places to visit in the Principality. Its gastronomy, its landscapes and its festivals conquer all who visit this community. Even so we have chosen three must-see places that you can not miss on your visit to the north.

Andrín Beach in Asturias

1. Andrín Beach

This beach is in the council of Llanes, only 12 kilometers from the capital of the municipality. If the weather allows, enjoy a sunny day in an environment like the one you will find on this beach is a real luxury. If you are surf lovers and you do not need the clear sky to enjoy a beach day, it is a must! As for camper van lovers, it has a large car park.

2. Avilés

Niemeyer Center in Asturias

Strolling through its streets and enjoying its old town, Nieyemer Avilés Cultural Center declared a Historic Artistic Set, is something that can not miss in your itinerary if you decide to visit this small city in the north of Spain. Also, you can not miss the NIEMEYER center located in the surroundings of the estuary, a cultural center worth seeing. Did you know that it is the only work in Spain of the Brazilian architect?

Ruta del Alba3. Redes

If you are more of a mountain than a beach you can not leave Asturias without visiting the Natural Park of Redes located in the councils of Caso and Sobrescobio. In this environment you can enjoy beautiful landscapes in a natural environment. A suggestion? Do not miss the ‘Ruta del Alba‘, an entertaining trail suitable for the little ones. If you still do not have your holidays planned, our suggestion is that you come to know Asturias. The lodging and transport is put PUZZLE CAMPERS. You just have to give it up!

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