That Asturias is one of the regions with better landscapes of Spain we are not going to discover it to us now. Traveling to Asturias is a true paradise in which the sea and the mountain to obtain unique visions, undoubtedly very difficult to find, there are no other regions of Spain, but throughout Europe. For that, nothing better than renting the camper van Puzzle Campers M, an economic but very versatile option to move through all the roads of the Principality.

If it is a point of travel by camper van in Asturias, you will be interested in knowing the Mirador del Fito, one of the places with the best views of the entire Principality. On one side, to the north, the majestic Cantabrian Sea will delight us with a spectacular coastline, with beaches, idyllic villages and all the strength of the Atlantic Ocean. On the other side, to the south, the incredible Picos de Europa, probably snowed between October and May, with peaks reaching almost 2,600 meters. Meanwhile, to the east and west, the interior mountains of Asturias will delight us with a wide range of greens and browns, depending on the time of year, which will delight photographers. The most striking of the landscape, which can go from fury to submarines to Fito, is that the separation that separates the coast from the high peaks is only 20 kilometers, an unheard of fact in the world.

The Fito has a parking area in which you can park the van without any problem (but, beware, it is not possible to spend the night there). In just a few steps you can reach a viewpoint where, if you go in the first hour of the last hour of the day, the sunshine will make the experience even more enjoyable. In winter it is unlikely that the road is snowy, but in the rainy season you have to be careful with curves and areas of the road, which can be little by little.

Children, also protagonists

As you will surely have known a little, from the very top there are several mountain routes that can come well to complete your holiday in Asturias. If we park right there in the middle, we can find a path that will take us, after a long walk, to the Pienzu Peak, from which the views are infinitely better than from Fito (we can assure you that the effort will have been worth a lot the sorrow). If you do not feel like walking or you will be traveling with very young children, another good plan is to spend the afternoon in one of the surrounding villages. From Alto del Fito you can choose to go down to the nearby beaches (Colunga, Caravia, Ribadesella or even Llanes) or opt for the interior areas, with villages as well known and picturesque as Arriondas, Cangas de Onis or, more inland, Arenas de Cabrales.

If you fancy a more tranquil plan or simply want to know a completely different hotel, we recommend the visit to Pueblo Astur, an idyllic place that has a hotel and restaurant from which the views are simply spectacular. Even if you travel with your rental camper in Asturias, nobody is bitter to know a place where tranquility and nature merge to create a truly unique landscape.

Gastronomy, a plus

It is true that in your equipped camper you have a gas stove and a generous fridge to store all the cheeses and bottles of cider that you are going to take on the trip, but the gastronomy of the East of Asturias is so rich that surely you are going To call attention to everything you see. In the area there are several restaurants with Michelin stars (such as Casa Marcial or El Corral del Indianu), but if you have planned your trip as an economic break, in almost any place you will have dishes at a very good price with a high quality that fit all the pockets. In places like Ribadesella or Cangas de Onís you will find very interesting places to take a tapas or try the famous fabada. Of you depends the budget that you want to destine to this.

The cider, protagonist

Not far from Alto del Fito are the towns of Villaviciosa and Nava. The two share the capital of the cider in Asturias. And on board your rental van you can go from one to another without any problem. Villaviciosa is near the sea and has an impressive estuary, which is both a spectacular Natural Park. In Villaviciosa, in the middle of the estuary, is the seat of “El Gaitero”, whose cider is, as the slogan says, famous throughout the world. To get to Nava, it is only necessary to take a twisty and entertaining road, where we can enter the Museum of the Sidra and know firsthand how this popular Asturian drink is made. If after knowing the secrets of this drink you feel like trying it calmly, in Nava you will have many options and we can assure you that the cider is excellent in all of them. Just be careful with the alcohol at the wheel ….

More museum wants?

If after the visit to the Museum of the Cider in Nava you have been left wanting more gastronomic museums, then you should change course and take direction to Arenas de Cabrales, where the Cave-Exhibition of Cabrales Cheese will put the glands to salivate. Take your camper and go straight to this small town to know the secrets of one of the most spectacular cheeses in the world, which has been made in the Picos de Europa since time immemorial. You can also take as much as you want, since in the refrigerator of your camper van you can keep several pieces for the rest of the trip. Of course, be careful because the smell of this powerful blue cheese will fill every corner of your Puzzle Camper…

The area of ​​Cabrales, in addition, is one of the attractive of Asturias. What appeals most to the travelers who come here is that it is only a few minutes from the Picos de Europa and it is also possible to reach the beaches of the East of Asturias in just half an hour. From Arenas de Cabrales, there are many interesting roads that go to places like Bulnes (with its interesting funicular), Tielve or Sotres, villages nestled in the mountains that you should not miss. In Tielve, for example, there are numerous dairies that elaborate precisely that Cheese of Cabrales of artisan way, with the same techniques and methods that used their ancestors. A Bulnes can be reached on foot from Poncebos, a small village nestled in the Cares River (famous for its Route of the Cares), or it is also accessible by means of a modern funicular that transports us in just a few minutes to the only town of Asturias that is not Connected by road.

The most intrepid will find in the Picos de Europa National Park an area to be explored plagued by interesting things. The Peaks of Europe, however, demand a lot of respect: the altitudes are high, the place is inhospitable, in summer it is difficult to find water and, like every mountain, it is advisable not to discount its difficulties. The ideal is to prepare the visit with time, get a good guide with maps and, especially, as always whenever we are going to walk in the mountains, leave the route written or warn our family or friends with the route that we will do. Among the most famous routes are those that take us to Picu Urriellu, one of the world’s mountaineering temples. Or, if we are looking for a simpler alternative to go with children, we can opt for a simple trail, surrounded by steep peaks, that connects Sotres with Hotel de Áliva, a curious mountain hotel in which we can even consider spending the night to live An unforgettable experience in a true mountain hotel. Despite having all the amenities in its 70 en-suite rooms, it is a magical place surrounded by green meadows and some of the highest peaks of the Picos de Europa, with exceptional views over the Comarca de Liébana (already in Cantabria) And just a step away from the cable car of Fuente Dé, another attraction of the national park.

In summary…

The plans in Asturias are almost always infinite, although in this short summary we have tried to approach a few that can be done from Alto del Fito, a magical place from which one can contemplate one of the best views of Asturias. After you have made all these plans, do not forget to find a suitable place to spend the night aboard your camper. The list of municipalities with overnight areas in Asturias is increasing. Sleeping with your camper in Asturias is becoming easier.

You have spent an exciting day full of winding roads and visiting the best beaches of Asturias, villages with a lot of charm and the best gastronomy of the North of Spain. Can you ask for more for a day of vacations?





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