Increasing numbers of people are encouraged to travel in rental van. Traveling on any model of Puzzle Campers allows you to enjoy nature. But without losing the comforts that you can enjoy in the city.

Those who travel in camper aim to approach the natural environment. It is a way of being able to enjoy the tranquility to rest or to practice different sports like hiking or surfing in natural surroundings. But always keeping the same amenities as in the city. That is why achieving a balance between nature and civilization is fundamental. It is a gift to be able to rest in the midst of nature without having to give up anything. So more and more are the campsites that offer us this possibility.

A few kilometers from Pamplona, ​​in the Natural Park of Urbasa and Andía, is the Arbizu Eco-Camping. The construction of the campsite is based on sustainability and respect for the environment by offering a responsible tourism. Its objective is to integrate all the visitors that travel in rides of rent with the nature to respect it and to enjoy it. Without doubt, a sustainable and ecological travel option that is worth trying.

Along the same lines, in the town of Borja in Zaragoza there is another eco-camping with a very complete service offer. Again they present a new concept of tourism integrated with nature and respectful of the environment. This campsite is situated in a unique setting, surrounded by trees and nature. Also very close is Zaragoza. If you decide to travel in camper to this eco-camping you will be able to enjoy a complete getaway of nature and city.

Very close to Cambrils, in Vinyols you will find a very familiar eco-camping that is completely integrated in an agro-ecological farm. It is located in a natural environment. So, if you decide to visit it in a rental van, you will find a place to relax, relax and enjoy some quiet days. The Ecocamp Vinyols has an orchard and a small farm so it is the perfect camping to spend the night if you are traveling with children.

There are many options for traveling in a van and enjoy nature, respecting it to the fullest. If you have not tried it, we recommend that you prepare a break to rest and relax in a unique natural environment.





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