Enjoy summer safely with your dog

At Puzzle Campers we are animal lovers, so if you have a dog or cat you can accompany you on your vacation on board our furgos. Of course, be very careful with your pets and the heat if you do not want to take a dislike. Follow these tips from the Royal Canine Society of Spain and enjoy the summer with your best friend.

– Be careful with dehydration! With the heat, our pets, like you, need to drink more water so that you always have a reach with fresh, clean water. Ah! If you sell a walk do not forget to bring water with you to drink outside. 

– Avoid walks in the hottest hours, change your schedule of rides for those times of the day when the heat gives a truce. Be very careful with the asphalt as it can cause burns on the pads.

– Provide your pet a place in the shade, away from the sun, avoiding so much time in the sun. If you moisten the head and trunk with water you will also thank you.

– Last but not least: never leave a dog in the car, not even in the shade. You could be very annoyed because the high temperatures affect it very fast.

If you consider these tips, make sure your pet enjoys the summer as you.

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