It is not the first time we say that in Decathlon there are a lot of accessories for the van. Accessories that help make the rental camper trip even more comfortable. If you are planning a next visit to one of the favorite places for lovers of campers take note, these are some of the elements that will help you enjoy the trip in Puzzle Campers.

If you plan to travel in a rental van at this time of the year, it is no good that you get a fleece. They are light, do not take up much space and will save you from more than one hurry. Especially when you wake up in the morning and the outside temperature is not very high.

Nor should you forget that the days are getting shorter and the hours of light are getting shorter. So you can not miss a flashlight in your accessories for the van. In Decathlon you will find a great variety. Although we recommend this one that can be recharged through a USB port so you can load it in the van.

Another accessory for the van that is essential if you are going to travel in a rental camper and you plan to go hiking is a backpack. So you can take the essentials during your trip. Get this for less than ten euros.

Of course, to combat the low temperatures inside and outside the rental van, there will not be a spare polar blanket. Even if it’s cold you can enjoy a coffee and some magnificent views from the van.

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