Equip pantry of your van before starting the route

One of the advantages of traveling in rental van is that we can cook on the van and with it make a very economical trip. But the space of the van is limited so we must organize the menus well if we do not want to fill our Puzzle Campers. What should have the pantry of our van?

Cans of preserves. They are easy to store, there is a lot of variety and very useful for cooking on the van. Their big advantage is that they do not need conservation and you can solve a meal or a dinner.

Fruit. Nor can you miss your route. You can also store it in the fridge of the van. Apples, bananas, mandarins … are a good idea to not be delicate fruit. They will solve a dessert, a snack or a breakfast.

Bread. For breakfast, to make a sandwich or to accompany any meal. If you do not feel like cooking on the van, you can prepare a sandwich and that’s it.

Pasta and rice. They withstand the cold and the heat, they cook very fast and you can prepare it as you like. The pasta is perfect for cooking on the van if you are traveling with children.

Soluble cocoa, coffee. Enjoy quietly a rich coffee in the place that you choose is priceless. Do not forget to include it in the pantry of the van. You do not know where you’re going to dawn, so it’s fine to include something for breakfast. Before you go en route you can prepare a cake or take what is necessary to prepare a salty breakfast. Is anything easier than scrambled eggs?

In the kitchen of the van you can prepare a lot of rich recipes that you can enjoy in the place that you choose, is the great advantage of traveling in camper! You should keep in mind that the means are smaller than in a house but giving you a little imagination you will enjoy cooking on the van.

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