Being able to travel with the house in tow is a luxury that anyone can afford. Travel with everything you need, stop where you want and enjoy every moment your way is possible if you travel in a rental van. There are many advantages of traveling by van or motorhome. If you are thinking of enjoying your vacation aboard one of our Puzzle Campers you will be interested in knowing some of the advantages of traveling by van.

1. Due to their size, the van is much more manageable than the motorhome. Move around the city or go through the winding curves of the Principality will not be any problem for you.

2. In addition, thanks to its size, the vans can be parked in any normal-sized parking space. You will not go crazy looking for a parking for the rental car!

3. The size is also noted in the expense, the consumption of diesel is less than that of a motorhome and you will save fuel. At the end of the month you can see that, positive point!

4. In campsites and parking lots the price to pay is lower, usually the vans are considered as private cars so at the time of payment you will notice the difference. Oh! And this also shows in the tolls.

5. Today there are many accessories for the van, so, traveling in a comfortable way without giving up (almost) nothing is much easier. You will feel at home

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