So that you can enjoy the most of your trip in van, it is worth losing 5 minutes of your time to check and check that everything is in order and check that there is nothing missing. Before starting your journey with Puzzle Campers you must include in your luggage to travel by camper some elements that will make life easier once you are en route.

1. Swimsuit, flip flops and swimming cap. Maybe on your route you do not plan to go to any pool but you never know where you can end up. Perhaps you discover a cozy spa or without even knowing you end up in the hot springs of Outariz. Surely you would not want to miss the opportunity.

2. Antimosquitos. Surely more than one, mosquitoes make their lives and the night impossible. Do not forget to include it in your luggage if you do not want to end up full of bites. It only costs a few euros, thank you for the investment.

3. Raincoat. Especially if you are going to travel in camper by the north you can not lack in your luggage to travel in camper a raincoat to protect you from the rain, even if you travel in summer! It occupies nothing and can save the day.

4. Comfortable footwear. The days of tourism can be very hard, it’s all right to have a good comfortable footwear. Also if you do not have a fixed plan, you never know where you will end up. Equally on the march, you feel like going through some of the ‘Vías Verdes‘ that are in Spain.

5. First aid kit. It is essential to travel in camper as well as to carry in the backpack when you go on excursion. You never know what can happen so it is not too bad that you have a small medicine cabinet on the van.

6. Sun cream. Whether you are going to travel in camper to the beach or to the mountain you must use protection. You have no apology because it takes nothing and in the best way to save a good burn.

7. Flashlight. Very necessary whatever your plan. If you have to get up in the middle of the night or you need extra light inside the van. If you do not want to load it you can always find an app and download it on your mobile.

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