Are you thinking about enjoying holidays with Puzzle Campers?

Can you imagine being able to wake up on the most beautiful beach in the world? And to be able to enjoy a sunset between mountains? Have you ever dreamed of surfing just after getting out of bed? And with starting your mountain route just after dawn? Traveling with Puzzle Campers allows you to enjoy all these little things and everything you are looking for, there is practically no limit, traveling by van allows you to move freely.

holidays with Puzzle Camper

Lovers of outdoor life know what it means to travel aboard a camper, discover new places, enjoy incredible corners … and enjoying what we like, freedom. That is why, thanks to our experience in the camper world, we have created a line of vans that combine the versatility and comfort of a car with the pleasure of traveling by van to make your vacations perfect. If you are lovers of the beach, the mountain or, conversely, you enjoy more of the city, with Puzzle Campers you have the possibility to enjoy a holiday in couple, with children or even with your pet. We love animals! Enjoying vacations aboard a van will make your trip unforgettable, allowing you to travel with total freedom knowing a new way to enjoy free time.

But … what is Puzzle Campers?

Puzzle Campers offers you the possibility to enjoy a vacation doing what you like, enjoy the freedom that provides travel in camper with all the necessary comforts to make you feel almost at home. Choose the van that best suits your needs, choose the extras that you need and head to your destination. Thanks to the comfort of our camper you will enjoy a fun vacation without ever giving up the comfort of traveling in a vehicle with all the comforts: air conditioning, power steering, central locking … You can reach the corners you want!

holidays with Puzzle Camper

Do not forget that we like animals almost as much as you, so you can travel accompanied by your best friend in any of our vans. Of course, your pets are not allowed to climb into the seats or bed. Also at the time of returning the van must be completely clean and undamaged so that other users can enjoy, like you, their vacation. Puzzle Campers is an economic option to enjoy the best vacations. You only have to choose the Puzzle Campers that best suits your needs, choose the extras that you will need, choose the kilometers you want to do and …

 Where can we find them?

Currently we have two bases, one in the north of Spain (Oviedo) and another in the south (El Puerto de Santa Maria). You can pick up the Puzzle Campers that you have rented in either of the two locations for free, as in Jerez de la Frontera Airport and in Cadiz capital. If you are interested in some other location, you must contact us, although it is possible that the service will incur an extra cost. If this is your case, before making a reservation, you can contact us, it’s all about organizing!

And to rent the van?

Before renting any of our furgos we recommend that you take a look at our website, there you will see the vans that we have available for rent. That you are traveling as a couple but you do not want to give up comfort? The Puzzle Camper M is the perfect choice. What is your trip in a group or with friends? The L Camper Puzzle accommodates six passengers on the go and two beds, an interior and ceiling shop. If on the contrary your objective is that your vacations you go to the best price, the Puzzle Camper S is your van. The choice is to the taste of the consumer!

holidays with Puzzle CamperOnce you have clear which van you are going to rent, you must choose the kilometers that you are going to make. We give you 1,000 kilometers as a courtesy that you can increase by choosing the different packages that we offer, in which case your route is longer. Then, if you want, you can choose a series of extras such as GPS navigator, bikes or roof rack. Finally, you must choose where you want to pick up the camper, in our north and south base is free. But if you need to pick it up in another place you must contact us. If at the time of renting the camper you have doubts you can always have a look at the FAQs section of our website, there you can solve many of the questions that you need to solve, and if not, you can always contact us directly by sending us an email to We will help you in everything that is in our hand, for that we are!




How are your vans?

We currently have four models of vans depending on the number of occupants you are in and, of course, your travel plan. All, except the camper bus of the puzzle, include a basic equipment so that during the vacation there is nothing missing. Apart from this, we offer a series of extras so that you only have to worry about enjoying a vacation to the maximum.

Puzzle Camper S

holidays with Puzzle CamperThe smallest of the family is a very good option and you want to know Andalusia, as currently its collection point is exclusive in Cadiz. It is very good option for traveling as a couple and also on a trip with family or friends as long as the complement with a tent. Since it can accommodate up to five passengers, it can only sleep two in bed. This way you can enjoy the holidays at an unbeatable price. The Puzzle Campers S is fully equipped so you have the basics during your vacation: fridge, sink, kitchenette, bed and two chairs. I did not forget that if there are no complaints that are lacking we put a series of a series of extras that will make your life in the sea very comfortable. The easy handling of the Puzzle Campers S is another of its great advantages, so the possibility of carrying along the beach: beach, mountain or city. Nor should you forget your low consumption. What else can you ask for?

Puzzle Camper M

If your plan for this holiday is to travel as a couple but neither is willing to give up comfort or space, the Puzzle Camper M is the perfect van. This camper is designed to enjoy the beach, the mountain … everything that supposes to be outdoors! In addition, thanks to its spacious interior and its small living room, it will make more bearable those moments in which you feel like being outdoors. As in the previous van, the Puzzle Campers M includes a kitchen equipment with refrigerator, refrigerator, sink, water tank … you will not miss anything! Do not forget that you can always rent any of the extras that are available. The ample space that you will have and decide if this road is rented to take advantage of to store vectors of tables or bikes. This way you can practice your favorite sport on vacation.

Puzzle Camper L

The largest of our camperized furgos has capacity for six passengers on the road that, to sleep, que es puzzle camperswill have to be puzzle campersqueholidays with Puzzle Camper spread between the double bed, roof tent and tents. So it is the best option if the trip is with friends or if you are large family, a flat of 10 for this summer! The interior is spacious, its occupants will travel with all amenities so it is perfect for long trips. As in previous furors, it has basic equipment that includes a portable stove, refrigerator, sink, water tank of 40 liters, roof shop and a large interior bed. Never forget the possibility of renting extras such as portable shower, GPS navigator or shims to level the van.

Puzzle Camper Bus

For those who are going to make a trip in the summer this is the Puzzle Campers Bus. This camper has capacity for nine people and has ample space for luggage, surfboards, bicycles … Although it is the only one of our vans Which has no inner bed, there is the possibility of sleeping in tents, optionally available, just like the roof tent. Also optionally, you can incorporate the kitchenette and refrigerator to make the trip much more comfortable. The space and the comfort are two of its great advantages that if you know to take advantage or allow you to enjoy an incredible vacation.


Traveling by camper offers you a wide range of possibilities to enjoy the holidays, you can travel practically, when and where you want to make the most of your free time and enjoy the freedom that offers you travel by van. All you need is a good map (or not) and start rolling wherever you want. Do you know which route you will follow this holiday?


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