More and more people are encouraged to spend the holidays on wheels. The camper world is growing, luckily for everyone, and on the Internet you will find many spaces besides the Puzzle Campers where there is plenty of travel information, places, useful tricks to enjoy a holiday in the van.

Furgosfera. It’s a paper magazine and online, they have a lot of information about travel, furgos … and everything related to the camper world.

Un mundo para 3, not only travel in camper lives the man, that’s what this family thought before beginning to share all their trips with family around the world.

Furgo Love, in this web you will find very complete information for your trips in rent van. Especially you will find routes but also tips for traveling in camper in a more comfortable way.

La Furgoteta, behind this blog is a family that tells about trips in the van and their experiences with children. According to them, the best way to learn.

Viajando en furgo, this family of four relate through their blog their routes in camper. They also share recipes for cooking on the van, tips … in short, everything that has to do with the camper world.

Bimbosvan are dedicated to camperizar furgos but apart they have a very complete blog where they share with their readers a lot of places and routes to travel in rent van.

Campervan de ruta, again another family is behind this web where you will find a lot of tricks and tips. They travel with a little girl and a dog, whether it is your case or not, you will find plenty of useful information.

Burgobidaiak, since this family bought their camper does not spend a weekend without traveling by van. Travel, activities for children and adults, tips, tricks … all this information and more is what you will find on your blog.

Familias en ruta, this family has been reporting their travels since 2010. Lovers of rural tourism and nature have a lot of information to offer to all their readers.


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