Spain offers a lot of perfect and charming places to visit in a rental camper. Beach, mountain, city, small towns … You can adapt it to the plan that you prefer. Autumn and winter is the best time to enjoy small towns with charm that are scattered throughout our territory. And that’s where one of the greatest heritages of our country, the medieval towns, is hidden. The medieval era soaked our country of history. So, why do not you take your Puzzle Campers and visit some of the small medieval towns of our country? We have made a selection of medieval towns of Spain that you should know. Locations with a lot of charm that are perfect to travel in a rental car. Go preparing your trip and start to know some of the corners of Spain that are waiting for you.

Preparing the trip

At this time of the year the drop in temperatures is already more than remarkable. But not for that reason you should stop making trips in a rental van. Do not forget to include warm clothes and shoes in your luggage. Not being prepared for the temperatures can make the trip much less pleasant. It also does not hurt to include snow chains as extra. You never know where the snow can surprise you! Remember that our van comes equipped with a small portable kitchen. So we recommend that, before you get on the road, you organize a bit with the food and fill the pantry with provisions. Especially if you are going to travel on holidays when many establishments remain closed. This way, you will make better use of your time and you will be able to get to know the different medieval towns of Spain that you should know.


It is not the first time we talked about this little Aragonese. As we said, it is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Spain and the truth is that it does not surprise us. It is one of the medieval towns of Spain that you can not miss if you are traveling in a rental van. Its location is spectacular, located between ravines surrounded by a beautiful wall. It is only 40 kilometers from Zaragoza, you can take the trip to see the Aragonese capital. The buildings that make up this small town look beautiful ocher tones. Its cobbled streets and impossible slopes are steeped in the charm of medieval villages. Of course, at this time of year begins to refresh so that in the luggage can not miss a good coat and a good blanket to not be cold during the night. Do not forget to visit the Alcazar de Albarracín and enjoy the breathtaking views.


Without leaving Aragon but changing province, there is Aínsa, in Huesca. This small town also has the honor of being one of the most beautiful villages in Spain and if you are making a route through medieval towns in Spain you can not miss your list either. Narrow streets, balconies with flowers, charming doors … It is the typical medieval villages in which to get lost. Very close to the town is in the Mediano reservoir, which gives the area a beautiful view. If you travel in summer in the area, it is a good place to enjoy water activities. Also if you decide to visit Ainsa you should know that it has an AC car park, where you can spend the night for very little money. If the visit knows little and time allows, you can always take advantage of some active tourism. Do you dare with the descent of cannons?


In the province of Burgos, 40 kilometers from the capital of the province is Covarrubias. Located in a strategic place where historic routes such as the Ruta de la Lana, the Camino del Cid and the Camino de Santiago converge. It is a town that you can not miss if you travel in a rental van. Despite its small size, Covarrubias has a special charm that deserves a visit. Its buildings, many of them declared of Cultural Interest, its streets and its square will captivate you. Historical buildings abound. This medieval town has some pretty houses with very particular constructions built with adobe and with a wooden framework typical of the area. Although if Covarrubias knows you little you can always continue the route to the capital of Burgos and admire its beautiful Gothic cathedral.


Without moving from Burgos, about 100 kilometers northeast of the capital of Burgos, is another place that deserves to be on the list of medieval towns in Spain is Frias. Place that is also on the list of the most beautiful villages in Spain. Do you know what is the smallest city in Spain? Exactly, despite having 300 inhabitants, it has a city title. Located on the banks of the Ebro River, it is located on a cliff. A common stamp for many medieval towns. In this case remains of a castle crown the top of Frias. They say that this place was the cradle of the Spanish language. We do not know that but what we do know is that if you decide to visit the region it is a good time to try the delicious morcilla de Burgos.

La Alberca

La Alberca, in Salamanca, is also a town that deserves to be on the list of medieval towns in Spain that you should visit in a rental van. Needless to say, it is also one of the most beautiful villages in our country. So you will not regret the visit. In this medieval town, its particular houses stand out, many of which still conserve medieval shields. You can get lost in its streets and eat in one of the many restaurants or also enjoy the natural environment in which La Alberca is located. The Sierra de Francia and its oak forests are the perfect place to enjoy a day of outdoor hiking. Why not beat the cold after a long walk with a spa session at the Abbey of the Templars? So you will be enjoying a very complete getaway.


Located in Cáceres, in the Ambroz Valley, is Hervás. This town is famous, especially for its Jewish neighborhood, one of the best preserved in our country. So you can not miss the list of medieval towns in Spain that you must visit in a rental van. Like most medieval villages, its narrow and narrow streets, its adobe houses with wooden trusses. Do not leave Hervás without visiting the church of Santa María, built on an old castle, from there you can enjoy beautiful views. Any time is good to visit Hervás but during the autumn the Ambroz valley shows some beautiful colors. A weekend is enough to visit this town, so you have no excuse for not doing so.


Spain offers a multitude of places and perfect places to go in a rental van. Any time, time or season is good to enjoy any of these medieval towns of Spain. The best of all? That you can adapt your vacations as you prefer. Reserve your Puzzle Campers in any of our bases (Asturias, Madrid or Cádiz) and enjoy a rental van rental in your own way.

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