Essential articles for traveling in camper

If you like to go camping or traveling by van similar to the ones you can rent at Puzzle Campers, you often visit Decathlon. It has a wide assortment of essential items (and not so much) to make our lives more comfortable when we are traveling. But what should not be missing in our luggage when preparing to travel by camper?

Sleeping bag. Essential for sleeping on the van! Although if you are going to travel by van but do not feel like carrying it, you can always rent as extra the bed linen package which includes two pillows, a duvet, bed linen and two towels.

Lantern. Very useful! It will make your life much more comfortable when the sun goes down, in Decacthlon you will find many prices but we are left with this as it has a USB port which makes it very easy to recharge. navaja-suiza-Decathlon

Swiss knife. From experience we tell you that it is essential to always have one on the camper, you never know when you will need it! Well to cut a small rope, open a bottle of wine or cut the typical sausage from the area you just bought.

Anti-mosquito bracelet. If you park your camper near places with water, mosquitoes will probably bite you. The solution? Made with an anti-mosquito bracelet, they are comfortable and practical. You can also rent as extra this anti-mosquito that connects to the cigarette lighter. Do not let the mosquitoes ruin your night on the camper!

– Plaid. It is always convenient to have a good blanket on hand to echaro sen la grass, on the beach or shelter at any given time. We like this one from Decathlon because apart from being great price, has a coating that insulates the humidity.



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